Working Group

Machina Loci Space
Berkeley, CA  USA
Nov // 2019
For our first team collaboration, we designed a one day bilingual workshop. More than 30 participated, a rich mix of Bay Area activists, writers, environmentalists, journalists, educators & artists. This experimental ‘think- aloud’ was hosted by architect & artist Carol Mancke.

Through various collaborative writing exercises, we asked this interesting group of minds to problematize the basic questions communities face immediately following a disaster: recovery, repair, resilience.

While the 3.11 Disaster has faded in the memories of many Japanese, the devastating human & environmental challenges persist. Even today, nearly 10 years after the triple disasters, recovery projects in Fukushima Prefecture are still only half-done.

Many parallels, including collective anxiety and questions of safety, can be drawn between the Fukushima disaster & the pandemic the world is experiencing now, making this work poignantly more relevant.                               

What does safety feel like?

Who decides what is safe?

How is risk related to safety?

Doesn’t risk require resilience?

How do you respond to nature after a disaster?

Is our fate always bound by the fate of nature?

How can you keep from becoming a victim?

Are we a part of nature?

How do we incorporate ourselves into our surroundings?

How do we dialog and act with people who are in denial of climate change?

How does disaster cut across differences & inspire collaboration?

How do we teach methods of listening?

How can people with diverse views truly hear each other?

What is recovery?

Can the end product be better?

How do we heal ourselves?

Can we be responsible for healing others?

Isn’t the goal just life?

What is the path of your life?

Does life ever turn out as we intend?

What is a disaster? 

Who is the victim when disaster happens?

What is lost or gained when there is a disaster?

How do impacted cultures respond to disaster?

How can disaster bring people experiencing it together?

What physical & spiritual preparations can you make prior to a disaster?

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