Hino Meeting // Hamura Plant

  Hino Motors
Hamura Shi, JP

Feb // 2020
We are incredibly fortunate that Hino Motors, Ltd., one of the largest Japanese manufacturers of trucks & buses, is one of our key sponors.

We were invited to one of their plants outside of Tokyo, a massive complex of hangars, roadways, & office buildings.

Our small group was transported from the entrance gate to our meeting site in a full-size bus.  The entire interior of the bus was curtained for our 15-minute journey across their campus. Though we were granted permission to document our meeting, the plant itself was hidden from view.

Design considerations, road protocols, techinical production, & implementation strategies are being spearheaded by these Hino experts:

  • Jun Yamada  
    General Manager, BR2020 Planning Division
  • Toshiaki Hayata
    Deputy General Manager, Body Application & Special Purpose Vehicle Department
  • Kazutaka Sakai
    Project Manager, Customer Technical Center

Based on email correspondence, the Hino team created preliminary design sketches for the 2-ton truck they will provide for us.   Our initial ideas included a small room in which Fukushima residents could meet, share experiences & generate collaborative writings.

A vast array of specialty trucks, from policitical vehicles & touring advertisements to cafes, campers & mobile ‘traditional gardens’ inspire our conceptualization process.

So much has changed in a short period of time.  Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been reconceiving design concepts to ensure safe & meaningful interactions.

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