a poetic act of radical caring to mark the 10th anniversary of the 311 Fukushima Disaster

Hiro Abe & Natsuka Endo

marksearch team

阿部 浩之遠藤 夏香(あべ ひろゆき&えんどう なつか) 東京都在住のマルチメディア・アーティスト。デュオとしても個人作家 としても活動。地域の歴史やそこに住む人々をリサーチしながら作品を 制作しており、インスタレーションや絵画、映像など様々な表現を通し て個人的な記憶や体験を視覚化する。

Based in Tokyo, Natsuka Endo and Hiroyuki Abe work together as an artist duo, as well as making artworks individually. Their works are based on artistic research about local history or people who lived there, making installations with drawings and videos to visualize their memories and personal experiences.

For more than 20 years, the Oakland-based creative team marksearch (Sue Mark and Bruce Douglas) has been designing interactive opportunities for communities to publicly share personal histories for empowerment. From neighbor-led walking discussions to sidewalk performances, commemorative plaques recognizing generations’ old collective knowledge, and collaborative murals, their global projects preserve neighborhood narratives.

二人組ユニットとして、カリフォルニア州オークランド を拠点に活動するインターディシプリナリー・アーティスト。自分たちのことをコンバセーション(会話)・アーティストとも呼び、互いの過去を共有することでコミュニティにエンパワーメントもたらす、インタラクティブな場をデザインし続けている。何気ない散歩中の会話の記録、 歩道でのパフォーマンス、記念碑・壁画の合作や国際的なプロジェク ト、様々な形でコミュニティの物語を紡いでいる。


Honomi Ijima

井嶋穂実(いじま ほのみ)神奈川県出身・在住のじみちな研究者。コミュニティ構築家、英会話講師、東日本大震災被災者の孫。ミルズカレッジ環境科学部卒業後、メリットカレッジにて社会参画と顕微鏡学を学ぶ。人と河川流域との繋がり強化文化・分野を越えた意思疎通の促進複雑な情報をより理解しやすくすることに従事。

Honomi Ijima is a Kanagawa based researcher, community builder, English instructor, and granddaughter of 3-11 disaster survivors. She studied Environmental Science, Community Engagement, and Microscopy in Oakland, CA. Her work revolves around connecting people and watersheds; facilitating communication across cultures and disciplines; and making complex information more accessible.

Tamagawa Machizakuri House


Tamakawa Machizukuri House is a private non-profit expert organization that supports local residents’ activities to improve the quality of life in the neighborhood and the overall lived environment. Through various workshops and events, our NPO works to solve issues in the local community by listening to the voices of the residents. The NPO was started in the early 1990s by local architects, designers and urban planners.


This international artist team comes together as fellows of 2020 U.S.-Japan Creative Artists Program. Since 1978, the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission (JUSFC) and the National Endowment for the Arts (Arts Endowment) have worked with the Government of Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs (Bunkacho) and the International House of Japan (I-House) to organize the program. Learn more about the program at NichiBei Creative Artists.

This project is also funded by Arts Council Tokyo,  United States-Japan Foundation and the Asahi Shimbun Foundation. We are grateful the East West Center for their insightful programming support.

このプロジェクトは「2020 日米芸術家交換プログラム」のうちの一つとして行われます。
日米芸術家交換プログラムは、日米友好基金(The Japan-US Friendship Commission)全米芸術基金(The National Endowment for the Arts)の主催のもと、日本の文化庁と国際文化会館の協力を得て実施されています。詳細は特設ウェブサイトでご確認下さい。


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