Fukushima Regional Map


東日本大震災から10年という節目の年にあたり、アメリカと日本の2組のアーティスト・ファミリーが、詩的探求を通して社会における共同体意識を深めるプロジェクト「旅はすみか/Journey Itself Home」を展開します。アーティストたちは福島の被災者の体験談をもとに、旅先で出会う人々と交流しながら心の回復力について学び、共有し合います。


To mark the ten-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake two artist families, one American, the other Japanese, embark on 旅はすみか/ Journey Itself Home, a poetic act of radical caring to rebuild social trust. Based on first-person narratives from the Fukushima 311 Disaster, the artists team will engage the public to share lessons of emotional resilience from survivors.

With an artist-designed truck, the team will tour the streets of Fukushima and Tokyo during summer and fall of 2021. Inspired by the ethos of haiku and the journeys of Bashō, the artists will develop a participatory process to generate a sonic haiku. Engaging with this singular ‘parade’ will empower individuals as creators of a mobile, ephemeral tribute. Working together one by one, we will collectively create a unique way to acknowledge grief and access hope. 

Presentation of 旅はすみか/Journey Itself Home will coincide with the next iteration of the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo, 2021.  This project is part of NichiBei Creative Artists.

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