Artists Intensive

Sue & Bruce’s home
Oakland, CA  USA
Nov // 2019

Hiro & Natsuka traveled from Tokyo with their 4 year old son to Oakland, CA to live with Sue,  Bruce & their 11 year old son for one month.  It was the first time for us to meet in person.


It was a most unusual blind date---our mutual friend from a village near Tokyo introduced us via email. 


Blending our families allowed us time to learn about each others’ thinking processes, develop project concepts, and exchange stories over many shared meals.


After several email exchanges & skype meetings, we discovered many shared interests.  Though our work is visually quite different, we  share similar influences & curiosities: the stories behind stories, forgotten history & a fascination with the designer-architect Wajiro Kon.


One of Wajiro’s influential studies consisted of cataloging cracks he found in tea cups throughout Tokyo cafes during the early Showa Period. Wajiro was drawn to ‘the worn materiality of everyday life’.  



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